Luna Mar – Swishers and Coronas

Purple hair rising singer and songwriter, Luna Mar releases her first official music video ever for her catchy upbeat single, “Swishers and Coronas.” In the sensual visual, Luna gives an energetic performance while rocking her signature stunning bright purple hair.

“Swishers and Coronas,” penned by Elijah Blake and Blush, appears on her debut EP, Kingdom, which was released earlier this year.

“The song definitely stems from a very real part of my life that I think a lot of girls, and I’m sure guys, go through as well,” Luna Mar told Billboard. “We all go through a bit of heartbreak and sometimes just need some alone time and basically that’s what the song entails.”

‘Kingdom’ is all about women empowerment and inspiring people to simply follow their dreams. Luna Mar wants to leave an incredible lasting impression and ultimately wants to leave behind a kingdom to pave way for a Luna Mar empire.