Kyla La Grange Premieres New Dance-Pop Single ‘Justify’


Kyla La Grange is changing her musical approach this time around, and it’s evident in her dance/pop new single, ‘Justify.’

Read her announcement from Facebook:

“I don’t really like to stick to making the same kind of music for too long, I think because I get bored pretty quickly and feel restless if I’m not trying new things, or maybe it’s more just that I always feel different as time passes.”

“When I wrote my first album I had spent quite a lot of time struggling with depression and listening to sad folk music, so the songs I wrote then came out like that, and then moved into angsty rock when I got angry, ha.” La Grange continues. “Then I had a period of calm and a lot of introspection and started listening to a bunch of Scandi pop records and that’s around the time when I wrote Cut Your Teeth, when I just wanted to reflect and look back on things. Then I got to a point where I was just stupidly happy and full of bright feelings so I started listening to all the pure unadulterated chart pop that I had loved when I was 12 and had kind of forgotten about, and still LOVE today. For some reason I think I had thought when I was at uni and stuff that it was embarrassing to like pop music, I guess coz i wanted to seem really serious and deep (lol) so I just pretended I didn’t. But I deffo did, in a big way. And so I was able to do ‘So Sweet’ and ‘Hummingbird’ [and probably ‘Skin’] and just really enjoy that big pop feeling. And then we come to now, which I guess is a time when I’ve been really influenced by dance music through touring with Faithless the last couple of summers, and have just loved going out and dancing and seeing how DJs produce stuff in a way that’s different to pop – it’s just been a really interesting time.”

La Grange’s last LP – the magnificent Cut Your Teeth – was released in 2014. “Justify” is the first of “four” singles to be released in “quick succession.”

Purchase ‘Justify’ now on iTunes.