Weslee – Gassed


In September, a cryptic track entitled ‘Gassed’ appeared on the end credits of popular FX comedy series ‘You’re The Worst’. Immediately after airing, ‘Gassed’ set the Shazam-sphere alight, amassing over 5,000 Shazams in record time. That highly sought-after track is from a mysterious, faceless duo called Weslee.

A fusion of pop and R&B, ‘Gassed’ oozes luscious, soulful vocals layered over a mellow groove. The track is sultry and enigmatic as the lead vocalist goes on a journey of personal growth, completely encapsulating the listener.

Despite their secretive identity, they’ve ignited a flame of curiosity as their growing fanbase continues to spread across the blogosphere and beyond. With ‘Gassed’ making a strong introduction to their sound, Weslee are an exciting act to watch in as they unravel more of their story in 2017.